Children's Prize

Grant to a USA, Canada, or International nonprofit organization, for-profit, government agency, academic institution, or individual for projects to reduce the mortality rate of children under the age of five. Project proposals may include but are not limited to intervention solutions in healthcare services, technology, education, infrastructure, and agriculture.
The Funding Source wants to fund a project that includes scientific component producing evidence that matters. To them, that means new, previously uncollected evidence that an intervention is able to save a lot of children’s lives. It is also important that the intervention be scalable and cost effective, so that more children’s lives can be saved.Projects are evaluated on their:Ability to impact rates within a child mortality indicator (U5MR, IMR, NMR, etc.)EffectivenessInnovation and scalability of the intervention approach within global healthFeasibility of the proposed lives-saved estimateProbability of successEase of verificationInclusion of a process impact assessment

Sub Title
Grant to a USA, Canada, or International Nonprofit, For-Profit, Agency, Academic Institution, or Individual to Reduce Childhood Mortality
Funding Source

Children’s Prize Foundation

Eligibility Criteria

See RFP and/or Grant Guidelines for full eligibility

Term of Contract

The Prize does not require a specific timeline, but the intention is to directly spend the money to save children’s lives as immediately as possible. A year or two seems reasonable to achieve this goal in most cases.

Number of Grants
Estimated Size of Grant
One winner will have the opportunity to enter into a $150,000 grant agreement.