Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is BizGrants and how are you different from other grant directories?
BizGrants is a recognized leader in the field of small business grant services. We are a premier grant listing directory and database and have developed a proprietary grant searching engine. We strive to be the one-stop source for reputable, reliable, and up-to-date grant search information. We do not charge any fees.

2. Why does BizGrants does not charge a fee?
You can locate grants for free on your own – but if you are short on time, staff, or don’t know where to start – they can use our extensive service to make it easier to find grants! Our service is targeted towards established small businesses. We are a proprietary listing directory, and our diligent staff spends each working day adding verified grants to our database. If you decide to pay to receive specific information that you will be also allowed to republish, you pay for the time that our staff dedicated to updating the directory with new information. Not for the grant itself.

Did you know that up to 90% of foundations don’t publicly list their grants? Over 70% of our database is dedicated to grants from foundation and corporation funders. The remaining 30% of grants are from government funders.

3. Do you have testimonials available?
Please click here to view testimonials from our customers. Our Media Page will display the latest press coverage from respected news sources, such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, NerdWallet, and Business Insider.

4. How do I add or list a grant to
You can list a grant to our site by visiting “Add a Grant” displayed in our website’s footer. Once your listing has been verified and approved by our team, it will be added to our site.

5. How can I be added to your email list?
If you wish to join our email list and receive our free monthly newsletter, please sign up here. Check your spam folder if you do not receive our emails in your inbox within 7 days.

6Do you give grants out to unemployed or disabled individuals?
BizGrants is a grant listing directory and database – we are not the grant funder and we do not award funds. 

For general financial assistance, please visit or dial 211 on your phone for more assistance programs. To learn more about disability grants, click here.

7. Do you have grants for individuals?
Yes, we have grants available to individuals such as researchers, scientists, post-graduate students, IHE staff, teachers, educators, writers, filmmakers, artists, healthcare professionals, veterans, and more. 

8. Do you have grants for startups and entrepreneurs?
Yes, we have grants available for both. Click on the appropriate link below:
• Startup Grants
• Entrepreneur Grants

9. Do you have grants for small businesses?
Yes, most of our grants suitable for small businesses. Keep in mind that small businesses may also be shown as “for-profits” in our listings. We highly recommend selecting only one category at a time for the most efficient results. 

10. Do you have grants for nonprofits?
Yes, our database primarily has grants for nonprofit organizations, municipalities, and schools. Watch our tutorial to learn how to find grants for nonprofits.

11. Can I search for grants based on my recipient type?
Yes, we have filters available to help narrow down your search.
• Grants for Nonprofits
• Grants for Small Businesses/For-Profits
• Grants for Individuals

12. Do you have grants for my location?
Our database includes grants for all 50 USA states, US territories, Canadian provinces, as well as a small international selection. To help find grants in your state/province, we have subsites for each location. This does not restrict you, and you will have the full utilization of

13. Can I arrange my results by the newest date or the amount awarded?
You are unable to arrange your search results by the newest date or amount at this time. The information for the grant award amount is disclosed at the discretion of the funding source. Sometimes the grant funder may not disclose this information. 

14. Can I search for grants by my industry type?

Grant searches can be filtered with over 50 different categories. It’s best to select one category at a time for the best results, although you can select multiple. We recommend selecting the category matching your industry first. For example, find all grants available for churches in the category Faith-Based. the application process yourself.

15. How do I use the keyword search filter?

Please keep in mind that you may need to simplify your search terms if you are not finding adequate results.

16. Is your search Boolean?
Unfortunately, we do not offer a Boolean search. Use a single keyword and match it with category interests for the best results. 

17. What is the success rate of BizGrants users?
We are a grant listing database and search engine. We do not have access to this information. Once a customer clicks on any grants of interest, they are directed to the grant funder’s site to complete and submit their application.

18. How quickly will I receive a grant I’ve applied for?

Every funding source has its own timeline and method of disbursing grants. If the information is not listed when you view the grant listing, it is best to contact the grant funder directly for further information.

19. What should I do if I have been unsuccessful in getting a grant?
If you have submitted three to five grant applications and have been unsuccessful in being awarded at least one, it may be time to consider hiring a professional grant writer. You may find these articles helpful: 
• Should I Hire a Grant Writer?
How to Increase My Chances of Being Awarded a Grant