CitrusBits Awarding Grants Up To $100,000 towards Mobile App Design and Development for Promising Startups


CitrusBits, one of the leading and award-winning mobile app development companies based in California, has launched the CitrusBits Cultivator Program, awarding grants of up to $100,000 towards a CitrusBits mobile app design and development for qualified projects.

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed businesses beyond the technology tipping point, transforming them forever. We’ve witnessed a quantum leap in digital adoption at both organizational and industry levels as consumers moved dramatically towards online channels.

A continuous surge in this technology’s adoption even post-pandemic shows that this shift is not likely to reverse. Businesses rooted in technology and innovation have been fortunate to see huge jumps in demand post-pandemic because of their ability to pivot and cater to changing consumer behavior and demand.

Keeping in mind the constant adoption of digital solutions, businesses have to make swift crisis-related changes with the long term in mind—a technology-driven strategy for the win. The founders and business leaders will have to reinvent their business models to cater to the new normal. CitrusBits Cultivator 2022 is an opportunity for startups to gear up post-pandemic to go ahead full throttle.

“At CitrusBits we have deeply advanced our business transformation technologies over the past decades. Our mission is to design & compile the world’s most sought-after digital innovations solutions.” – Harry Lee, CEO of CitrusBits.

The grant program involves a simple application procedure.

Interested applicants are to fill out a short online application form for initial consideration by the CitrusBits Cultivator team. While the grant sizes vary based on the project complexity, there is no cap on either the number or the total value of grants to be awarded by the CitrusBits Cultivator.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

“We’re excited to continue investing in our growing technology clients while always helping each one disrupt their industries. We also relish the grit in our clients’ digital aspirations and their journey beyond crushing these goals. We understand that turning your ideas into a valuable product involves great technical feats in terms of planning, design, development, and execution. Our team is ready to share our approach on how to tailor your optimized custom-built product to solve your most pressing objectives,” – Harry.

Learn more about eligibility criteria and grant details or submit a short online application form at

First-round applications are due by 10/30/22.

About CitrusBits:

CitrusBits is an award-winning mobile app development company that designs and develops impactful mobile apps and responsive mobile content for businesses of all types. Having developed over 750 critical mobile applications for well-known clients, including Burger King, Quiksilver, DuPont, Symantec, and Sotheby’s, CitrusBits is trusted by movers and shakers across all major industries. Yet, CitrusBits has also helped small and midsize businesses and select startups turn their mobile aspirations into juicy ROI. Firmly planted at the intersection of user-focused design, mobile app development, and emerging technologies like AI, AR/VR, Blockchain, and IoT, CitrusBits leverages deep expertise across these disciplines to help businesses achieve their loftiest goals.

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Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Estimated Total Program Funding
Up To $100,000
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Up To $100,000
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