Community War Memorial Funding

Grants of up to $25,000 to USA, Canada, and International nonprofit organizations and for-profits, and Canadian provinces and municipalities for commemorative projects that honor Canada’s servicemen. Funding is intended to support the construction of new memorials, or the restoration or expansion of existing memorials, that commemorate the achievements and sacrifices of those who served Canada since Confederation during war, military conflict, and peace.
Examples of eligible expenditures include:Professional fees;Administrative expenditures (e.g. printing, photocopying, fax, mail);Equipment and machinery rental expenditures;Reasonable travel expenditures inherent to the success of the project;Salaries or wages, consistent with activities undertaken;Design or assessment fees, consistent with activities undertaken and time required;Expenditures related to the relocation of a monument, when warranted;Construction expenditures.Funding used to build an addition to an existing memorial includes projects that involve new construction directly or complementary (e.g., walls and columns) to an existing memorial. Priority will be given to expenditures related to the structure, accessibility, and safety of the site.Projects submitted to Veterans Affairs Canada must adhere to the Official Languages Act, for example, projects involving the construction of a new war memorial must ensure that inscriptions are in both official languages.Eligible projects may be assessed against the following criteria:The applicant has the capacity to deliver the project.The project objectives are specific and realistic and clearly support the objective of the CPP.The project will engage youth, Veterans, Canadian Armed Forces members, and/or the general public in recognizing all those who served in Canada’s efforts during war, military conflict, and peace.The project will have noticeable impact and reach.Where agreements for collaboration are required to ensure the successful delivery of the project, contributors have confirmed their participation.The proposed budget is reasonable and sufficiently detailed.

Sub Title
Grants to USA, Canada, and International Nonprofits, For-Profits, and Agencies for Projects to Honor Canada's Servicemen
Funding Source

Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) – Commemorative Partnership Program

11/01/21 Electronic Receipt or Postmarked
Eligibility Criteria

See RFP and/or Grant Guidelines for full eligibility

Term of Contract

Projects must start on or after April 1, 2022. The project must be of a finite duration, with clear start and end dates.

Estimated Size of Grant
Up to 50% of eligible expenditures, not exceeding a maximum of $25,000, may be reimbursed.