Curriculum Adaptation and Training (CAT) Grant

Grants to USA judicial courts, related court organizations, IHEs, nonprofits, individuals, government agencies, and corporations to develop and enhance curricula to meet the educational needs of their jurisdiction. Courts are invited to submit applications for the adaptation of curricula, or the implementation or training and educational programs.
CAT grant applications proposing to adapt curricula or conducting educational and training programs will be awarded on the basis of criteria including: the goals and objectives of the proposed project; the need for outside funding to support the program; the likelihood of effective implementation and integration of the modified curriculum into the state or local jurisdiction’s ongoing educational programming; and expressions of interest by local judges and/or court personnel.

Sub Title
Grants to USA Courts, Agencies, IHEs, Nonprofits, For-Profits, and Individuals for Judicial Training
Funding Source

State Justice Institute (SJI)

Eligibility Criteria

See RFP and/or Grant Guidelines for full eligibility