Independent Medical Education Grant - Closing Knowledge Gaps in Osteoarthritis and Osteoarthritis Pain

Grants to USA, Canada, and International medical and health-related professional schools, healthcare institutions, professional associations, and medical education companies for educational programs related to osteoarthritis and chronic pain associated with osteoarthritis. Programs may take place in person or virtually.
Through this RFP, it is Pfizer’s intent to support virtual and potentially live programs and other innovative digital medical education for HCPs. The focus is on Osteoarthritis and Chronic Pain associated with OA and patient-centered standard of care and management including pain and function, the biopsychosocial aspects of the disease, the complexities and challenges of care, and the future of OA/OA pain management. Programs targeted towards reviewing data at virtual or live osteoarthritis, rheumatology, pain, primary care, or other associated medical conferences, including but not limited to OARSI, EULAR, PAINWeek, AAFP, WCO, and ACR are of particular interest, as well as other meaningful education outside of congresses. Projects that will be considered for Pfizer and Lilly support will focus on education including, but not limited to:The impact and importance of Osteoarthritis (OA) and its disease burden and the unmet medical need in OA pain managementCurrent standard of care for OA/OA pain, guidelines for treatment, and the challenges of managementThe Biopsychosocial model of pain in OA and individualized patient experienceBiopsychosocial and comprehensive approach to care and complex multifactorial nature of disease through bio, psycho, and social domainsSetting functional goals and tools for individual pain and function assessment, goal setting, monitoring and tailored pain management for individualized patient experience (heterogeneity of disease and different patient trajectories and disease progression)Physical and mind-body carePatient focusThe impacts of COVID-19 on patients with osteoarthritis associated chronic painHealth disparities in OA/pain + COVID-19’s effect on the gapOptimizing care in remote environmentShared decision makingComorbidities associated with chronic pain in OA (psychological disorders, cardiovascular disease etc.)Understand decision points, patients’ motivations, key factors/drivers and disease state around knee/hip surgery due to OAThe evolution of the primary provider of Osteoarthritis – who owns OA management?Roles of the multidisciplinary teamTrends in OA management, the future of OA management and emerging researchChallenges with Osteoarthritis trials, including placebo effect and extrapolation of outcome measures to clinical practiceAre there best practices from other disease states -that can be extrapolated to OA?The successful applicant will propose projects that actively engage the learner, employ innovative learning technologies, provide opportunities for learner exchange and include measurement techniques (needs assessment and outcomes data that allows for meaningful assessment of program impact).

Sub Title
Grants to USA, Canada, and International Medical Schools, Institutions, Associations, and Companies for Programs Related to Osteoarthritis
Funding Source

Pfizer Global Medical Grants (GMG) and Lilly

Eligibility Criteria

See RFP and/or Grant Guidelines for full eligibility

Estimated Total Program Funding
Estimated Size of Grant
The typical grant maximum under this RFP will be up to $200,000 USD. However, larger proposals may be considered for funding if they include a broad geographical scope and multiple activities. Smaller educational proposals are also encouraged. Organizat