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Opportunity for USA, Canada, and international nonprofit organizations and businesses to utilize an online crowdfunding platform to raise money for programs, events, products, and charities. Individuals who would like to use this platform must contact a nonprofit or business to use YouHelp on their behalf.
Do you have a bright idea, but don’t have the money to put your thoughts into action? Chances are you haven’t tried Crowdfunding. It’s no secret. Crowdfunding is a fundraising tool that enables forward-thinkers like you to raise money for worthy charities, new programs, or products or to stage events. And lets you – in a matter of seconds — launch your crowdfunding campaign.The process is simple: Create a fundraising goal and a compelling message that speaks to the heart of most people — and launch.If the idea is deserving, and you share the URL of your campaign with a great many people through email, chat, text, ads, social media, news coverage, etc. and provide daily updates through our 30 days of tips and templates, people will donate.Crowdfunding is new to many people. But, for entrepreneurs and artists, it is a tried and true haven. Nonprofits, businesses, and people who need help or want to help someone in need use crowdfunding to raise money. Crowdfunding is when many people just like you see a worthy cause and donate.YouHelp was originally created for nonprofits to synergize their fundraising efforts with both grants and crowdfunding, giving not only a funding source the opportunity to contribute but people within the community, as well.For fundraising categories, see

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Opportunity for USA, Canada, and International Nonprofits and Businesses to Utilize an Online Crowdfunding Platform to Achieve Fundraising Goals
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